Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Due to my website bigcatsinsussex.co.uk going down I will have to post news updates on the big cat situation in Sussex on here. JUNE 2018 NEWS: After a busy spring of a very large black cat that all witnesses said was around 25" tall being seen in the country around Uckfield, nothing has been heard since so it can be reasonable to assume that this beast may be in the Ashdown forest area chasing the deer there. Every year for the past 5 or 6 years from June onwards there has been sightings of both black and brown big cats spotted here, often seen in the act of chasing rather than stalking the deer. We often assume that big cats mostly stalk their deer either at dusk or night or even occasionally ambush however it is clear that many reports come in of actual chases going on. Leopards are short distance runners and yet these cats have been said to be running some distances longer than a leopard usually would. Big cats have also been witnessed in Sussex forests rushing through cover possibly trying to snap up fleeing rabbits much like as a hunting dog or a fox would. It is an effective method often more so if an element of surprise is added. The large brown puma type cat has been seen again a month ago just on the same stretch of South downs of Mount Caburn near Lewes, East Sussex. It can also be assumed to also heading to the Ashdown forest. We shall have to wait for the witness reports to come in to see if this drought ridden year pans out like the others.

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